Editing PDF Files

I had a brief visit from Jeff Mee, who’s a Student Support Officer at TAFESA Port Adelaide campus asking how easy is it to edit pdf files? After thinking for a (short) moment I responded that there are free editors out there but most of them are either hard to use or (particularly trail versions) leave watermarks on your document. But I said that I’d have a look for him.

After a follow-up phone call from him  (at which point I still hadn’t done anything) I trawled around to see what I could find. And I found something called PDF to Word. It does as its title suggests. For those of you familiar with Zamzar, it works in much the same way:

Step 1: select the file to convert (using the browse button)

Step 2: Select .doc or.rtf format

Step 3: Enter an e-mail address (to which your converted file will be sent).

Easy, even for me…..

The test file that I did took about 20 minutes to arrive, which I thought was not too shabby at all. Jeff seemed happy with it anyway. It’s then easy enough to convert the word document back to PDF using something like CutePDF Writer or PDF995. It may not be as professional a result as you’d get with a paid professional program but it might be useful for easily indicating alterations to documents (which is what Jeff was after).

The page also has a link to a similar page which will convert PDF files to excel.


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