Session for students

I have a session next week for a small group of vocational preparation students (who have reasonably poor levels of  digital literacy). I have about an hour, and my brief is to introduce them to blogs, wikis, RSS feeds and(I think) It’s a lot to fit into an hour so I suspect that I won’t have time to get them to sign in to anything at the session (but will give them handouts so that they can come into the library and try things if they like.

This post therefore is really just a thinking out loud/draft lesson plan for people to comment on (or not)…

After a brief chat to find out what sort of experience they’ve had with PCs, I thought that I might briefly draw out what’s different about the read/’write web, then get them to watch Mike Wesch’s The Machine is Us/ing Us video. I’ve seen it about a dozen times and still think that it’s wonderful.

Having done that, the various tools may become a bit easier to explain, in that they are really just different ways for people to interact and create information on-line.

Hmmm – I really think that I should introduce Flickr as well – simply because I like it….


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