Women’s Studies Web 2.0 Session

I had a session with Janette Riggs from the Women’s Studies program at Port Adelaide campus earlier today. I don’t fancy myself as a public speaker at all, but I really enjoyed myself. It was a small group (Janette and 3 students) so I got to sit down, rather than having to stand up the front, so it felt very conversational, and therefore comfortable.

It was a relatively wide-ranging discussion, which covered a general introduction to web 2.0, RSS feeds, blogs and wikis. The idea was that I speak for 45 minutes and then stay around while they play around with their tools of choice.  The fire drill didn’t help (not that I’m complaining about the drill), but I also spoke rather too long, so we only had time for me to run through my presentation.

So that it wasn’t just me droning on, I made use of some educators who are better explainers than me. I had Mike Wesch’s excellent The machine is us/ing us for the start of the session:

I then used three short videos from the people at Common Craft, RSS in Plain English, Blogs in Plain English and Wikis in Plain English:

They were really well received, so and success for the session is really due to the skills Mike Wesch, Lee LeFever and Sachi LeFever. So thanks to you, and thanks to Janette, Laura, Lois and Judith – I had a great time! 🙂


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