A Quiet Week

It’s been a quiet week here at Tiffany’s in terms of 23 Things (it’s not quiet in a general work sense, I hasten to add). Last week’s Thing was Movi 2. I’ve used the earlier version and it seemed to work OK, though any meeting with more than 3 sites could well be rather shambolic. My webcam is sitting quietly on my desk at Croydon, and I am currently at Port Adelaide, so unless I purchase another webcam (which I might well do – I’ve been meaning to buy one with a witeless connection) it will have to wait until Thursday.

But I have been looking at new (for me) stuff. My new Big Thing for the week is Survey Monkey. It’s a great way to collect survey results. My first foray was creating an evaluation form to use with Janette Rigg’s group that I presented my Introduction to Web 2.0 to, from which I’ve received some completed responses. The next was to convert a paper-based survey for the Library Review that TAFESA Libraries are currently undergoing. Given that the survey looks at library services and e-learning I thought (after talking to Kerrie Kemp) that having it in electronic format would be good. Sadly, this thought did not occur until friday morning, and as responses were due that day none were collected. But it was good practice for putting together a larger survey and may provide a template for later modification.

My next project will be to convert some of the paper-based orientation forms for SM use (simply get the e-mail addresses and send the survey). It seems that SM users can share survey templates with each other, so if anyone is interested in such templates, join SM and I can share mine with you. It’s free to use (with some restrictions, for example on survey sizes). It was great fun to play with!


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