See and Share/Movi

I’ve had several sessions using See and Share and Movi, and I really like both of them. However they also have limitations as well, so it’s important to know when it’s appropriate to use these tools, or whether something else should be used.

I remember a See and Share session at which we were discussing a Collection Development policy. It was handy because we were able to ahve the document open and people could easily indicate on their screen where they would like changes, and the changes could be done there and then. I thought that it worked really well in that environment. From memory there were also a relatively small number of sites as well, which meant that discussion flowed smoothly and people weren’t talking over the top of each other.

Similarly with Movi. Where you’ve got a relatively small number of sites (I reckon 4 might be a good maximum) it’s a really handy format. It also means that should something urgent crop up at a work site the person is there to deal with it. it does have its down side though. It is I think less than useful where you have multiple people at a site (having a microphone and external speakers can make it hard to hear). It’s also less useful with lots of sites (too hard to see people!). Of course, it also takes up bandwidth. So there will be occasions where a FTF meeting will be more useful.


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