How much stuff gets added to the internet?

This came to me via @michellelamb on Twitter:  Gary Hayes Social Media Count. It was so good I had to use it:

Which bears on another interesting post by David Lee King on Content Curators.  One comment from Brad Czerniak said that humans are much slower at processing and indexing information than computers. If search engines won’t be able to keep up, there’s no chance that a human will. Some of this stuff happens now collectively. Good information will make the rounds in twitter, the best stuff re-tweeted, so that twitter (or delicious, or….) is often a better place to begin research.

If we get ‘content curators’ in the future, will they simply re-package content created by others. In the ancient and medieval world, commentators published excerpts and commentary on authors, and in many cases we only know of the existence of a writer through the commentator. The modern curator might not have a preservation role, but help keep good information out of the ‘noise’. As David wondered, is this something that libraries do? We have made directories of websites, added sites to catalogues. Is that sort of activity still worthwhile? Is there a better way to do it?


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