23 Things – Topic 14: Youtube/Teachertube

Having used these frequently it’s hard to think of what to write that’s new. So I’ll begin by reiterating that anything posted by Mike Wesch is woth looking at:

There are all sorts of applications for YT in library services. ‘How-to’ videos posted to and embedded in the library website (or catalgoue) come to mind. In a TAFE environment one could try to add particular videos relevant to programs to the catalogue, but simply keeping with the volume of stuff would be a full-time job for several people.

Simply ensuring access is I think the most important thing here. An inability to get through corporate firewalls/filters will simply encourage people to try downloading video material using sites such as Zamzar and Youconvertit (violating YT’s terms of service) so that they can be stored on personal drives. Thus piracy is encouraged.


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