First Zoho document

I use Google docs frequently. I have a Microsoft Live account (though I’ve not yet made use of it). I store copies of my photos and other important files online using Skydrive. Web-based applications won’t be for everyone, for example because people are (understandably) concerned with the privacy implications. The trick then is only share online within your comfort zone. If in doubt, don’t do it. Once it’s out there, it’s there to stay.

Anyway, back to web applications. I suspect that these will be used more and more frequently. I no longer use a desktop e-mail program. I simply use gmail and store my e-mails there. I no longer see any point in doing so. If that is the case with e-mail, can word processing, spreadsheets and other documents be heading the same way? So much work takes place within the web browser today. It makes sense that our tools are made around and inside our browsers.

I’m using Zoho to write this and hopefully publish it to my blog. if you can read it, then it’s been successful….. 🙂


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