blog every day in June

So at the moment, 61 library folks have decided to blog every day in June. You can keep up with them all at this excellent netvibes list – many thanks Kate! It taught me a new thing: OPML files importing them into RSS readers. The day’s not quite over, so I’ll try my hand at it too. I work at this TAFE library here, and it’s always useful to take time out of every day to reflect what we’ve been doing.

I’m also currently doing a professional writing course, so I’ll look on this as useful practice. Apart from work stuff, I might post on things I’m reading, stuff that I’m watching, or stuff-that-I-should-be-doing-but-probably-am-not. Or web comics. Or games (of board and RPG type, though I have a separate, rather sclerotic blog for that over here) . Or I might post endless pictures of Loki, the World’s Biggest Sook.

So nothing profound today, but tomorrow there will be work stuff.

Comics: if you’ve studied, you’ve probably worked in hospitality at some time in your life. Most of the programs that I’m liaison librarian for teach hospitality. So when I stumbled upon Sock Puppet Army, I had to read it from start to finish.

And that’s it for today….


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