A busy morning

TAFESA is rolling out a new Student Information System, and today it’s library services turn. Which means that most of this afternoon I’ll be in a training session.

Because we had people training this morning, I spent a couple of hours on the circulation desk, which I don’t do often. Most of my time was spent 1) issuing books 2) returning books 3) reshelving books. The most interesting query was the Case of the Malfunctioning Headphone. It worked at the circ desk, but not on any of the 3 or 4 PCs this student used. Hmmm…..

But it gave me time to think about starting something that’s long overdue – weeding! If an item:

  • looks tatty
  • is more than 5 years old
  • is a VHS or audio tape

then it’ll be pulled from the shelf. If it’s reaaallly heavily used, and there’s nothing more current, then it’ll get a reprieve.  But I think it better to err on the side of overthoroughness.

For those following #blogjune, there’s an excellent summary here.

I presume most people in the libraryverse are familiar with the comic Unshelved. For those who aren’t, it lives here.


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