You can’t wait for inspiration

I’ve stopped and started and reworked and junked and thought about what t write for today. And I have nothing. When you have to write, there’s no point waiting for ‘the muse’ because, if it exists, has gone on a cruise to the Bahamas, thank you very much and is not taking any calls. Which just means that you have to type. Even if you have to start, ‘I am typing. The keys grey keys bend and shift as they clumsily jostle under my fingers, out of time with the thought in my head.’ Or something like that. Also, I have my last two creative writing pieces due next Friday. I have done very little work on them. So today, it’s just a random collection of thoughts thrown together. I am one of those extraordinary guy who can multi-task. At least, I can manage two things at once. Of course, one of those things is breathing. So today, it’s just the typing.

I love writing. I have felt so alive at times in class this year that I cannot properly describe it (ooh, he’s not a very good writer then, is he, Min? No Henry, you can’t get the wood, you know). I want to be a writer. But I’m also proud to be a librarian. So it was nice to be reminded by this piece that we can (and should be) content creators,as much as content curators. In a world where content can be created so easily, it’s important that our profession be creating good content. And though so many of us do, it is so easy to forget that in the day-to-day kleggich. This is one of my favourite words, by the way. If you’ve not heard of it, you can find its meaning here.

By definition, a library has ‘community’ embedded within its meaning. A library must have two things: a repository that holds or provides access to information, and people who want to access it. A personal library can be for a community of one, held for one’s own selfish gratification. I suspect that in practice this is rather rare. Many of us like to borrow and lend from our friends’ collections as much as from our institutional libraries. The multiple acts of receiving and sharing creates and strengthen bonds.

The places we work at are like like. If they’re not, they should be. we provide people with information, or a place to study. Or to sit and zone out. We can help them figure out how to create their own stuff. We have to be what our communities need us to be. If we don’t, they will create their community elsewhere.



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