How well do you know your collection?

A short post today. I’ve always thought that a librarian needs to know their collection really well. We are weeding at the moment, and we started a sale this morning for items that were pulled out at the end of last year (not by me, because I was on hols in Europe – woohoo!!) . It included some ratty fiction. We don’t get a lot of fiction here, being a TAFE library, but we have a little. I spotted a copy of Lois Bujold’s The Curse of Chalion and Johnny and the Dead and Night Watch, both by Terry Pratchett. I’ve read and enjoyed all three, but thought it would be good to pounce on them and add them to my collection. I know that I don’t have them. I did so. I felt really chuffed.

Then I had a thought as I returned to my office. It happens but sometimes, so I was taken aback. I had no idea that we had any of them. And I should have. I still feel so embarassed….. And that’s all for today.


3 thoughts on “How well do you know your collection?

  1. Though as you say, being a TAFE library, you probably don’t need to search for fiction yourself as part of the day to day patron assistance.

  2. Well said Snail. I think it also depends on the size of your collection. I work in a medical library and know the collection very well. Having been there almost 10 years I have man handled every book multiple times, BUT the collection is small and specialised compared to other libraries. There are always ones I forget though!

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