If they can play with it, they might use it

A colleague and I went to a smartboard presentation earlier today, and very snazzy it was too. Though it uses proprietary software, the information is exportable to other formats, and you can use any other software you like with it. It allows video conferencing and gives external students some measure of interactivity with the rest of the class. All very good.

The lecturing staff were all from our Electronics program, and many (though not all) really don’t adopt new technology in the classroom all that readily. The questions being asked indicated that they were interested, but what was really interesting was the post-presentation playing session. At one point the presenter had a square grid displayed, and I could see me running D&D sessions with it. There were lecturers doodling, drawing circuit diagrams and generally having fun. They won’t get to decide on the purchase, but if some are abought I could see them thinking about how they might be able to use it to enhance what they do.

I wonder how much more readily people will use things that have the ‘wow’ factor when they play with it? And is that something that libraries can emulate?


3 thoughts on “If they can play with it, they might use it

  1. We recently had this experience with iPads at my university. We had some iPads on a trial basis, and the lecturers (carpentry in this case) very quickly found ways to incorporate them into their assessment processes to save time and enter data on the spot. They used QR codes taped to the walls as quick ways of getting to the web pages they needed. It was great stuff. I suspect that they would have been sceptical if they had just viewed a presentation on these potential uses, but they loved actually having their hands on the iPads and came up with great ideas for using them.

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