Monday rant….

Not a big, jumping-up-and-down rant, which would be interesting. No, this is just a list of the day’s minor frustrations:

  • Adelaide City Council street parking still has to be paid for using coins (so I went to a U-Park
  • U-Parks that don’t accept yadda yadda yadda
  • doctors appointments that start promply 1/2 an hour after it was due. Doubly annoying when you have another appointment to go to
  • straps on carry cases with hideously expensive equipment that I have borrowed that break while one walks down the street
  • trying to figure out why three items in an order invoice OK on our LMS, but the 4th won’t
  • finding out that the printer that has been offline since Friday was offline because the network cable was loose
  • finding that the cafe is out of coffee loyalty cards

But they have been minor annoyances. There have been lots of counterbalancing good things:

  • getting free coffee with loyalty card (which is why I didn’t have one in the afternoon)
  • realising that I have this friday off (woohoo!!)
  • finding that the colour printer is working
  • discovering that my car that has had a dodgy clutch despite 2 attempts to fix it now seems to be working perfectly well after the third attempt
  • even though I now have a credit card for the first time, I seemt to be able to resist using it – for now
  • losing 1.7 kg at my Monday morning weigh-in
  • thanks to @fionawb and @greengecko29, discovering where one can buy Ken dolls online (apparently they’re made by Mattel), and also discovering that they’re apparently cheaper drunks than even I am
  • I have no assignments to do until semester 2
  • meeting a friend for boardgaming tonight – yay
  • seeing a nice quote about book reading featuring Colin Firth thatnks to @bellabookgirl
  • there are fewer things at the end of my work day than at the beginning

I will try to be  interesting tomorrow.


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