A busy Sunday

We usually have my father-in-law and one or more step-sons over for lunch every Sunday. Today it was vegetarian lasagna, and full of cheesy goodness it was. My step-father brought a lovely shiraz from Seven Hills, which is a Jesuit-owned winery in the Clare Valley. They make communion wine, but their table wines are also delicious. There was much cleaning and tidying and generally trying to make the house look like it’s inhabited like human beings.

Then it was off to our evening church service, and it was casserole night. Then home to finally catch up on last week’s episodes of Offspring. And now it’s to bed, and I’ll spend some time slowly getting through Latro in the Mist and listening to Stephen Watkins. This is a copy from the local library, but I think that I’ll have to hunt down a copy to have for my very own. Next on the shelf will be Viktor Frankel’s Man’s search for meaning, which I pinched from my step-father. And there endeth the weekend!



One thought on “A busy Sunday

  1. Ah – Frankl’s ‘Search for Meaning’! Dad had me read this when I was a little too young, first time round. I’ve since come to treasure it. My mind is full of the myth of Prometheus after hearing BSO perform Liszt’s eponymous symphonic poem yesterday; some similar themes, methinks. Had been going to re-read Shelley’s epic poem over the next few days and may add Frankl into the mix, too.

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