The Quiet Australian

It was a quiet day, partly because I was at home looking after my wife, who is recovering from a (not serious) operation. On the excitement-meter today were three packages:

1) the memoirs of General James Longstreet (Confederate corps commander during the American Civil War): from Manassas to Appomattox. One day I’d like to write a Flashman novel that covers his Civil War exploits, so this kind of constitutes research.

2) a boardgame on the Kokoda track campaign called Soldiers of the Rising Sun

3) most exciting of all is a copy of a book that I lost many years ago: Mika Waltari’s Sinhue; The Egyptian. I had a 1950s hardback copy (sans dust-jacket), and my wife has her own copy. She tells me that the French translation reads better than the English….. Figured it was time to use (sparingly) my new CC. Woohoo!!!


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