Good habits

To get done all that I need to do, I have to create lists. I’m probably not alone in this, but I also find that I have to create my lists as soon as I get to the desk. Otherwise, I start reading emails, and responding to things, and before you know it, I’ve let the day determine what gets done, rather than setting my agenda.

The trouble is, more often than not, the e-mailing happens before the list-making. It’s a habit that I’ve fallen into, and I need to alter it. Now, for me, the best way to create a new habit is to write down what I need to change…..

It can be done. I get up at 5.30 most mornings to go to the gym when I am, by inclination, a night-owl. I can even be persuaded to use the equipment therein. So I have a new habit to learn for the second half of the year.

I am also a fan of the email charter.


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