Visiting the Adelaide Uni Learning Hub

My manager and I, along with a few colleagues from TAFESA South Institute went over to Adelaide Uni this morning for the launch of their new Hub Central. It isn’t quite finished (so there’s not a lot of signage).

It has a warehouse/industrial feel, with lots of mobile IKEA-type furniture. There are study rooms, plus nook & cranny style spots for small groups to meet in. There are the ubiquitous bank of PCs, lots of places to sit with your laptop and, most importantly, a coffee bar. What they’ve done really well is use colour to signify the different areas: pink for printing, yellow for meeting spaces, blue for help and green for ‘serentiy spaces’ (these have lots of big cushions and bean bags). Like IKEA, the floor design helps guide people around the space. There was also lots of signage telling students how many PCs were free in which areas across the campus. The The Barr-Smith library is also one of the significant spaces adjacent to the complex

What really struck us was that it was a place designed to make the students comfortable. It was a great place to take photos. Next time I’ll take a camera……… It was also a good chance to get out of the office and recharge the brain. We aren’t in a position to have a project done at that scale, but it’s a good chance to see what ideas can be profitably borrowed.


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