The first thing that adults do that I remember doing as a kid was playing boardgames. This weekend, after handing in an assignment I managed to get a bit of gaming under my belt. Friday night was my first play of No Retreat – The Russian Front, which covers the German invasion of the USSR in 1941 through to Soviet Union’s victory in 1 May 1945. An interesting game, which my opponent and I enjoyed the first third of. There is lots of card play that grant bonuses and maluses in combat that was probably too much work for the results produced. I took along Star Trek: Fleet Captains (lots of really nice minis in the box) and I suspect we might have enjoyed that more. And we might have gotten in two ST: FC games in the time it took to finish No Retreat (which was nearly seven hours – whew!).

Today I spent the day running a D&D session for my youngest step-son and his friends. Two of their party were gored to death by a rather annoyed minotaur, and we decided (well, I decided) to finish a little early so that we could play Munchkin. This is a simple card game where most of the fun is in the card names and illustrations. The aim is to be the first character to level 10. By the time we had to finish I’d heroically struggled to level 2 (and had my character’s gender altered). I think that game itself is too repetitive to be worth more than one or two plays because it’s too hard to do anything without your ‘friends’ ganging up on you.

For those of you into games, this is my home on Boardgame Geek.

Not a bad start to winter, really.


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