I’ve never had (nor wanted) children, but I really like being around them. They have a sense of wonder and a love of play that I think that we should retain as adults. I think that you really need a sense of wonder to learn effectively. You need other things too, but I suspect that having wonder makes you want to learn.

Libraries have traditionally been quite structured environments because our purpose has been to make sure that the right people can access the information that they need (and that we provide). One think that I loved as a child though was that the structure led to wonderful moments of serendipity because the order allowed me to stumble upon related things by accident. I discovered Tolkien when I was looking for more Harry Harrison (I must read the Stainless Steel Rat series again soon). How do we get our staff to tap into that?

Now, the point of this post is just an excuse to post this photo that I took last night of Naomi and Samuel while we were visiting friends. Naomi is still at the stage where she happily imitates my face-pulling :). She also recognised herself when she saw her photo on the phone. Samuel was very adept at scrolling through the phone’s photo gallery.

2013-06-06 19.43.17


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