I’ve taken part in the last two Goodreads Challenges, and am reasonably happy with my progress so far. One of my goals was to increase the number of reviews that I did, partly for the enforced writing practice, and partly because I wanted to reflect on why I did or didn’t like particular titles. I did reasonably well at the beginning of the year but have slipped behind quite a lot on that front since then. Oh well……

So what am I reading at the moment? I’ve almost finished Frances Mayes’ A year in the world. One of the things that I really like about her work is the passion that she feels for travel, which I share (work is really a way for me to pay for overseas trips). It features a series of short trips to different parts of Europe and North Africa over a five-year period. One thing that she and her husband do is imagine themselves moving into a region and becoming part of the local fabric, absorbing the cuisine, adapting themselves to the local culture. My wife and I always imagine ourselves upping sticks and living a different life away from the day-to-day hurley-burley (which always includes trips to the local real estate agent/immobilier/whatever. The other things that I like about this book are the snippets of local literature that add a lovely texture to the land-and-food-scapes.

Next on the pile is Melanie Casey’s Hindsight.  I’m not a detective novel person per se, but I do like a bit of paranormal fiction. And besides, Melanie is the lecturer for my Professional Writing module for this term (Examine the Writer and the Law – lots of lovely stuff like copyright, defamation and contracts). I’ll start it this weekend, and should finish by next Thursday (which is our last class). Maybe that will give me a good excuse for handing my assignment up late….



One thought on “Reading

  1. Oh, well done! I’m too lazy to write reviews – I even got cranky when my Goodreads app started forcing me to give a star rating when I completed a book. Maybe when #blogjune and #commentjuly are over I might consider some book reviews…

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