Last year as an adjunct to my writing course, I was lucky enough to be involved in an artist’s book project. Four printing and four writing students produced a small hand-made book, with the printers creating images and the writers providing the text. It was a wonderful experience, not just because of the collaboration with a group of wonderful writers, but also to see the visual skills of our printmaking colleagues.

The theme for the book was ‘Shimmering’, and our brief was a piece of 100 – 150 words on that topic. This wasn’t the piece that got into the book, bthis image popped into my head straight away.



Locked within flickering gloom,

incandescent chaos washes over lumped passivity,

as the final embers of day pass unmourned

beyond notice.


Behind the sullen fortification,

ramparts built to repel regret

are defended by quiet despair,

fuelled by the black concoction

that bubbles over the tongue.


From within the noisome cacophony

a familiar bass rhythm

bubbles soothingly

into a solid melody.


Patterns on screen coalesce

into the shapes and faces

of a remembered innocent joy,

triggered by

the shimmering blue box.


(c) 2012


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