#blogjune -Library Pets


There are lots of stories about library cats, perhaps others about dogs,  guinea pigs or rabbits.  We have a spider.  Bursting with imagination,  we have dubbed him/her ‘Charlotte’. Of course, I’d have preferred ‘Ungoliant’ but I have to confess that he/she lacks the necessary malevolence.

He/she has thankfully (for me) decided that lurking above the door wasn’t sufficiently profitable. Cleverly, he/she is close to the bug zapper,  which regularly crackles out the final moments of self-immolating mosquitoes.

For those who dislike the awkwardness of ‘he/she’ I can only apologise. I gave no intention of checking (and with spiders, how does one tell?)


4 thoughts on “#blogjune -Library Pets

  1. Yes, I’m not a fan of spiders, and am surprised that I’ve been relatively tolerant of it. I almost caused a car crash on the way home a few weeks ago when a huntsman crawled across the car ceiling šŸ™‚

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