Serendipity and some new (to me) presentation tools

There are times that I don’t use Twitter a lot. Sometimes I’m busy, or preoccupied. Which is OK. It’s a bit like a radio. You don’t miss what you’ve missed.

I don’t do a lot of presentations at work except at the beginning of semester, so I have lots of time to rework them. I go to lots of presentations though, most of them really quite dreadful. They need to read this presentation that I stumbled across this morning.

It reinforces stuff that you will have heard before (keep the text to a minimum, for example). But it also has links to useful free stuff. if you’re pressed for time, I’ve listed these below. The first five help you find Creative Commons images. The last has some nice looking free fonts. (excellent for searching Flickr) (lots of stock photography) (more stock images) (add your text into images) (search for images by colour)

And that is all.


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