Significant Ending #blogjune

This weekend has mostly been listening to the ABC Classic 100 and trying to get my final assignment done. I’ve been doing an Advanced Diploma in Professional Writing at TAFE (which is also my employer) since the beginning of 2011. It was four years part-time (I’ve taken a little longer because I’ve had a few semesters where I’ve only done one subject (and one in which I did three).

I say ‘was’ because the longer course is being taught out (but there are still short courses on offer). One of the good things about it has been the variety. I’ve written short stories, short film scripts, poems, short biographies.  I’ve met some excellent writers, like Bill Marsh, Jude Aquilina, and Ashley Mallet (who also happens to be Australia’s best off-spinner since WW2). I’ve edited a couple of biographies. As a result, I’m researching two historical novels set in the later Roman Empire and turning my short biography (about cricketer Jim Kelly) into a book.

It’s been a fantastic experience, full of highs, and it’s coincided with some terrible lows. But yesterday I handed in my last assignment for my last module. So, assuming I pass, it’s all over. It’s not as big a moment as finishing uni, but it feels significant to me.


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