I started playing D&D in high school (back in 1980) and have been with my gaming group for a bit over twenty years.

This campaign has been going for six years now in a homebrewed campaign setting. The duchy our adventuring party is in us called Whurnumshire, which is beset by, amongst many things, a large invading army. The Yarden (as these people are known) use human body parts to make spell components.

Our party (‘The Legends of Whurnumshire’) have travelled into the mountains to scout out their positions (and perhaps assassinate the leader that has united the normally fractious tribes).

We emerged into the bottom of a large funnel and encountered a large leukodaemon. Our wizard thought that this was the best time to summon a demon (his first time doing so). Surprisingly, our mage kept control of the demon and it helped distract the creature while we peppered it with ranged spells and weapons. My character, Herakleia, (a multiclassed artificer and cleric Minotaur) shot the leukodaemon from the sky.

Best of all, one of our players had tshirts made for us all with our party’s name on it!

And that’s it for today’s #blogjune


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