I’ve been at unhealthy weight levels for many years. Not very wise given that I have health conditions that would benefit from being lighter. That being said, my blood pressure and cholesterol levels are generally pretty good.

I lost weight when I was living in Adelaide. I was exercising more (because I was generally catching public transport to work, which meant a minimum of 40 minutes walking) and followed Michael Mosley’s 5:2 diet. Basically, it involves restricted eating (500 calories) for two days out of seven.

Living in the country is associated with a healthy lifestyle, and I know many people in m local town who are very active into their 80s as a legacy of their years of manual work. But access to health services is often more difficult and country people in general have poorer health outcomes. For me, this was expressed in many more hours of commuting time each week (and consequently less wealking). I also stopped the diet as we moved house and never re-started it.

I still walk to work less frequently than I should. Driving only saves thirty minutes a day but it means I can get home, put on dinner, and start working on whatever project is uppermost at the time. But it’s a false economy. The health benefits I’d get from walking would no doubt make me more productive when marking, writing, and so on.

However, I have managed to get back on the 5:2 bandwagon. I eat a restricted diet on Monday and Wednesday, and keep to around 2000 calories during the rest of the week. On weekends I can eat what I like., which means I can eat with friends and family and not feel that I’m missing out. It’s a slow process but I have lost nearly ten kilograms since February.

Of course, it has been raining quite a bit here over the last few weeks so even with my new-found resolve I’ve had to drive. And we do badly need the rain, so if it means I have to drive for the goos of my local community, so be it….


4 thoughts on “Health

  1. Sigh. Post my operation, recovery, and comfort food the additional 2-5 kgs I have accumulated over the last half year is not a work in process to lose. Other priorities.

    • Yes, not everything can be tackled at once. I want to start using the local gym but probably should just start walking regularly first.

  2. I gained about 10 kgs over the last year…the first 3kgs while I was in hospital, thanks to the diet they had me on. Caloric reduction is the only way I’m going to manage weight loss. I want so desperately to exercise but it’s still beyond me.

    • I’m going to take a leaf out of your excellent blog post and concentrate on what I can do now and leave the rest for when I’m able. I must admit that usually I feel perfectly happy not eating much during the day (I have a main meal in the early evening and something light at lunchtime). On the other hand, the days when people have birthday cakes in the staff room…

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