It’s been a busy couple of days and I’ve missed two #blogjune posts. Today, I’m flat on the couch and Purrkins is kneading my tummy with very sharp claws. That is all.



I’ve been at unhealthy weight levels for many years. Not very wise given that I have health conditions that would benefit from being lighter. That being said, my blood pressure and cholesterol levels are generally pretty good.

I lost weight when I was living in Adelaide. I was exercising more (because I was generally catching public transport to work, which meant a minimum of 40 minutes walking) and followed Michael Mosley’s 5:2 diet. Basically, it involves restricted eating (500 calories) for two days out of seven.

Living in the country is associated with a healthy lifestyle, and I know many people in m local town who are very active into their 80s as a legacy of their years of manual work. But access to health services is often more difficult and country people in general have poorer health outcomes. For me, this was expressed in many more hours of commuting time each week (and consequently less wealking). I also stopped the diet as we moved house and never re-started it.

I still walk to work less frequently than I should. Driving only saves thirty minutes a day but it means I can get home, put on dinner, and start working on whatever project is uppermost at the time. But it’s a false economy. The health benefits I’d get from walking would no doubt make me more productive when marking, writing, and so on.

However, I have managed to get back on the 5:2 bandwagon. I eat a restricted diet on Monday and Wednesday, and keep to around 2000 calories during the rest of the week. On weekends I can eat what I like., which means I can eat with friends and family and not feel that I’m missing out. It’s a slow process but I have lost nearly ten kilograms since February.

Of course, it has been raining quite a bit here over the last few weeks so even with my new-found resolve I’ve had to drive. And we do badly need the rain, so if it means I have to drive for the goos of my local community, so be it….

*koff koff*

Obviously, I missed #blogjune 2017. A lot has happened since mid-2016. I’m not working as a librarian at the moment but as a Community Library Aide. It’s a melange of library technician/library assistant and employed in a specific setting. ‘Community libraries’ in South Australian country towns are joint-use public library and Department for Education libraries. So it’s an interesting blend of two distinct environments.

Anyway, I’ve been working here on and off since March, 2018. The incumbent has been on leave and I’ve been fortunate enough to have been granted Leave Without Pay from my substantive librarian position in TAFE. It’s by no means an advance career-wise, with longer hours for less pay. However, it scores over it’s more highly paid competitor in two important respects. One – it’s slightly closer to home (cutting my one-way commute from 174 km to 1 km). Two – it’s very satisfying getting to know the regulars (and getting to work with SA’s excellent Public Library Network from the inside). Whilst not perfect it’s a superb service, especially for patrons in small country towns who can now esaily (if not always quickly) access material  from anywhere in the state,

So, I’ll dust off the blog for another year and see what happens. Happy #blogjune all!


This is one of the traffic jams I would sometmes get commuting to my TAFE job.




Cheese cake


My middle stepson got married today. I’m not often a fan of wedding cake, but the happy couple chose a cheese cake. Literally rounds of cheese, which means that this #blogjune is dueto wrap up so that I can tuck in!

Another #blogjune

So I’ve been on leave for the first part of this year. We’ve relocated to the country (Meningie, on the shores of Lake Albert), which has its issues (chiefly commuting, which is now 2+ hours each way). But the benefits are wonderful (no mortgage, for a start).

But I’ve yet to pick my library mojo back up. I have a back yard that needs work and I’d like to spend some time planning what I want to do. I miss volunteering during the week at the local museum. I used the local joint-use public library a lot, but didn’t read anything professional.  I seem to have forgotten a lot of stuff, though I’ve learned about some new stuff too (how to paint a house,  tractors). Hopefully, #blogjune will give me the professional pep that I need.